January, 2004: "BACK AGAIN!"
Well, there's been a nearly two year gap in between updates! Well, come on, the band's a thing of the past, so how much news could there be?
Well, how about if I announce the birth of my daughter, Mariel Noel Davison? She was born at 10:37pm on Friday, 11/28/03. Mystic Mom & Daughter are doing fine, thank you.
On a more mundane note, I have a new e-mail address on the links page. I've bailed on msn and now have a hotmail addy. Sorry if you've been trying to contact me in the mean time.


March, 2002: "BACK AGAIN!"
We're back up on the web! Seems my previous web-hosting service went ka-put. As you can see, I found a new host, but the price I pay for not paying a price is the dreaded banner ad! Oh, and sorry about the POP-UPs! Glad you found the new address.
Dig the new MystEyeCo International link! Here, we'll be offering merchandise for a Mystic Eyes-starved public. TRADERS WELCOME! Mad Louie sez, "Check it out!!"
MYSTIC EYES is one of the featured bands on the Knights of Fuzz CDROM ,Tim Gassen's guide to modern garage bands. Check out the link! Wish I coulda rated getting a promotional copy! Of course if you multiply the number of band member by the number of bands, there'd be none left to sell after giving all involved a gratis copy. (Yeah, but still...)
Bill Kelly (who has been known to call himself "the sty in the mystic eye") put out a real boss compilation last year for the WFMU  pledge drive! It was available only to people who pledged $50 or more to the station. MYSTIC EYES are one of the 21 bands on the disc with our recording of The Aardvarks' "I'M HIGHER THAN I'M DOWN." And, hey, Bill, thanks for sending a couple copies our way!

About This Site
I took a few evening classes in HTML coding & website design back in 2000. One of my final projects was to design a web site using only the NOTEBOOK text editor. Well, that's where this site came from!
My aim was to create an easy-to-navigate site that would be compatible across a wide variety of web browsers. There's really nothing fancy here. (My limitations as an HTML coder also helped to achieve this goal!)
Thanks for stoppin' by! Again, sorry for the pop-up ads...
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