Internet Exclusive! 1. Bless You Little Girl
2. Broken-hearted, Sad And Blue
3. California Street
4. Come On On
5. Crawl Along The Sand
6. Daytona Darling
7. Ford G.T.
8. I Ain't No Beatle
9. I'm So Lonely
10. I've Got A Tiger In My Tank
11. Just Be Yourself
12. Just Give Me Time
13. Lodestar
14. One Fine Day
15. Right Or Wrong
16. Ring Telephone
17. Sha La La La La
18. She's Come Of Age
19. Sideroad
20. The Sun Will Still Shine
21. The Whole Summer Through
22. This Town
23. 2 + 2 (Two Plus Two)
24. Uptown Downtown
25. We Built A 409
26. Where Were You
27. Whisper Tell Me Sweetly
28. You Can't Trust A Friend
29. You Make The Decisions
30. You're Slipping Away From Me
31. You're The Only Girl For Me

The HIT RECORDS label out of Nashville recorded hundrerds of "sound-alike" records (as compiled on the "Budget A-Go-Go" comps listed here, for instance.)
So what do you put on their flip-sides? How do you pad out the budget LPs? You record the odd original composition and grab those publishing dollars! There's a wise spectrum of styles represented here: Surf/Drag, Girl Groups, Soul, Pop, Instrumentals, Soft-Psych, and more.
It's cheese that sure to please!

©2004, Craig P. Davison