Bernie & Ben in BrooklynThe eroding rust-belt economy in Buffalo, NY started taking its toll on the band at the end of 1986. Bernard, now with a wife and new son (Ben) needed to find steady full-time employment with benefits. Even with a four year degree this proved to be an elusive commodity, so on November 1, 1986, Bernie, Craig, Scott and Donnie (Bernie's brother-in-law) loaded up the rental truck and helped the Kugels move to Brooklyn, NY (400 miles down-state from Buffalo). The good news was that Bernie had secured a job at the First Boston Corporation in Manhattan. The bad news was, this effectively put an end to Mystic Eyes' local gigging days.

Since Bernie's in-laws still lived in Buffalo, he would reunite with the remaining band-mates during family visits for sporadic recording sessions over the ensuing years to. As can be seen from the band's discography an unbroken string of Mystic Eyes tunes still flowed out of BCMK studios to their music-hungry garage cult.

Scott & his MR2Meanwhile, Scott had finished up his four year degree in photography and print-making at Buffalo State University. You guessed it, there were no suitable jobs for him in Buffalo, either. So in September of 1987 he bought a brand-new Toyota MR2 and took a job teaching a high school photography class in Norwich, NY. (200 miles away from Buffalo.)

Scott's absence meant that some studio tracks recorded during this period featured original studio drummer Mike Brydalski. (A few tracks even resorted to Craig manning the drum throne. These are easy to discern as the drumming tends to suck wickedly on those particular songs!)

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